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Third Afrasian International Symposium (11/16-17)


Third Afrasian International Symposium will be held on November 16 and 17.

Rethinking Integration: Multicultural Societies of the Asia-Pacific


    Date/Time: November 16 (Sat.) - 17 (Sun.), 2013
                     10:00~17:00 (Open 9:30)

    Venue: Lecture Room 1, 5F, Campus Plaza Kyoto

    Working Language: English
    Free / Simultaneous Interpretation

Keynote Speech(16th):Dr. Hideki Tarumoto (Hokkaido University)
      “Migration and Integration from a Citizenship Perspective”

Keynote Speech(17th):Dr. Kaori Okano   (La Trobe University)
     “Social Cohesion in Multicultural Societies:
       The Interface of Schooling and Non-Formal Education”


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