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Joint seminar with the Third World Studies Center, the University of the Philippines (10/21)



We will hold a joint seminar with the University of the Philippines (UP) on 21 October. The lecture will be conducted at UP, and will be shared with Afrasian Research Centre via the interactive tele-conference system.


A Roadmap for a sustainable peace?:
Peace processes and the inclusive resilient political settlement


Lecturer: Dr. Jan Pospisil

(Lecturer at the University of Vienna and a Senior Fellow at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs)

Date:21 October (Mon.) 15:30~17:00

Venue:Room B103, Chiko-kan,

    Seta Campus, Ryukoku University

About the lecture
Debates and reflections on peace processes are gaining increasing attention in recent years. International fora like the OECD DAC or international research organisations like the Berghof Foundation for Peace Support focus on successes and shortcomings of peace processes in the last decades. One of the main assumptions of various strands of this debate is the failure of focusing too narrowly on peace treaties, and too little on the socioeconomic and political environments in which such treaties are concluded. How to conceptualise such environments is a key question for scientific research on peace processes at present. The concept of the “political settlement” – defined as an elite-pact that configures any socio-political environment – represents an interesting framework for analysis and policy design in that regard. The presentation will elaborate and critically discuss this concept. In particular, the commonly held assumption that more inclusivity would lead to an increased resilience of such “political settlement” – and hence to peace – will be reflected upon against the background of the recent peace processes in Colombia, Sudan and the Philippines.

About the lecturer
Dr. Jan Pospisil is a Lecturer at the University of Vienna and a Senior Fellow at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs.

Program (in Japan time)

3:30 - 3:40 Welcome remarks
Dr. Ricardo T. Jose
Director, Third World Studies Center and
Professor, Department of History
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
University of the Philippines-Diliman

3:40 – 4:20 Lecture
Dr. Jan Pospisil
Lecturer, University of Vienna and
Senior Fellow, Austrian Institute for International Affairs

4:20 – 5:00 Open forum

UP Third World Studies Center
Afrasian Research Centre, Ryukoku University
UP Diliman Interactive Learning Center

UP seminar.pdf