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Afrasian Workshop of Group 3 (10/17)


Group 3 will hold a workshop on 10/17.


Japanese Education in a Post-multicultural World: Emphasizing Cultural or Socio-economic Perspectives?


Date: 10/17 (Thu) 2013
Time: 15:05~17:50
Venue: Chikoukan Building, Room 103 & 104, Ryukoku University, Seta Campus
Presenters & Titles:
Dr. Akito Okada  (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

"Education Policy and Equality of Opportunity in Recent Japan"

Dr. Robert Aspinall (Shiga University)  

"Institutional and Cultural Factors as Obstacles to Foreign Language Education Reform in Japan"

Dr. Beverley Anne Yamamoto (Osaka University) 
"Jumping In at the Deep End: A Preliminary Assessment of MEXT's IB 200 Schools Project from Up Close"
Dr. David Blake Willis (Fielding Graduate University) 

"Japan as Transcultural? Imagining Japanese Education in a Global Context: Socio-Economic and Cultural Lessons from International Schooling"


Dr. Jeremy Rappleye (Kyoto University) 
Dr. William Bradley (Ryukoku University, Afrasian Centre)