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7/6 12th Symposium of the Japan Society for Intercultural Studies


Afrasian Research Centre will hold the 12th Symposium of the Japan Society for Intercultural Studies.




 The Japan Society for Intercultural Studies



In Search of Non-Western International Relations Theory:

The Kyoto School Revisited


Date: 6th (Sat) July, 2013

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: 103 Toko, Omiya Campus Ryukoku University


Moderator: Junya Takiguchi, Lecturer, Ryukoku University



Christian Uhl, Professor, Ghent University

"Nishida’s Logic, and the Notion of the Nation: A Footnote to a Remark by

  Karatani Kōjin Concerning a Leibniz Syndrome in 20th Century Political Thought"


Satofumi Kawamura, Research Fellow, Center for Philosophy,

                   The University of Tokyo

"Tekhnē, Culture and New Order: Elimination of Politics by Nishida Kitarō"


Chih-yu Shih, Professor, National Taiwan University

"Transcending Hegemonic International Relations: Nothingness, Worlding, and Balance of Relationship"


 Kosuke Shimizu, Professor, Director of Afrasian Research Centre,

                   Ryukoku University

 "The Self and Individual: A Study on Tosaka Jun’s Theory of ‘Moral’

    and its Relevance to the Contemporary International Political Economy"



Takeshi Hamashita, Research Fellow, Ryukoku University


Ching Chang Chen, Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University