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4/25 Special Joint Seminar Ryukoku-UBC-GSU


Afrasian Research Centre will hold the Special Joint Seminar using a teleconferencing system.


Special Joint Seminar 

Ryukoku University- University of British Columbia- Georgia State Univerity


 "Multicultural Literacy"


 【Date】: 25th (Thu) April, 2013

 【Time】: 8:30 ~ 10:00

   【Venue】: 103 Chiko-kan, Seta Campus, Ryukoku University


     1. Tuba Angay-Crowder    (Doctoral Student, Georgia State University)
               "Navigating between Turkish and US culture: Crafting an Academic Identity"

           2. Hiroshi Miyazaki     (PhD. Student, Intercultural Communication, Ryukoku University/
                                             RA, Institute for World Affairs, Kyoto Sangyo University)
                    "Colonial Structure and Subjectivity in Okinawa-Japan Relation:
                        Music Making as a Battlefield of Colonial Subjectification"

           3. Espen Stranger-Johannessen    (PhD. student of Language and Literacy Education, UBC)
                     "Class and Bilingualism in a Mexican-Canadian Family"


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