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We have recently changed our name from the Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies to the Afrasian Research Centre, under which name we will continue our research work. The five-year Ryukoku University Academic Frontier Centre (AFC) research project which ended in March 2010, "In Search of Societal Mechanisms and Institutions for Conflict Resolution: Perspectives of Asian and African Studies and Beyond," will also be relaunched under the title, "Research into the Possibilities of Establishing Multicultural Societies in the Asia Pacific Region: Conflict, Negotiation, and Migration." Conflict resolution was central to the research conducted at the former Afrasian Centre. The new centre will take this a step further by addressing the issue of bringing about a multicultural society.

The current project will be comprised of joint research in three areas - immigration research, communication, and international relations - in the Asia-Pacific region. Up to now, multicultural research has primarily taken the form of studies from separate perspectives - sociological, language education-related, and political. These research areas may seem at first glance to be unrelated, but through this project we aim to bring about a convergence of knowledge of immigration research from a sociological perspective and international relations in terms of politics, with the study of communication - including language education - serving as the medium. Through this approach we hope to explore the possibilities for new policy recommendations for dealing with a society that is more multicultural than ever.

Kosuke Shimizu
Director of the
Afrasian Research Centre,
Ryukoku University