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Activity Group1

Research Seminar on Migration and Religion in Flores Island, Indonesia

Activity Group1

Migration and Religion: A recent case from Flores Island, Eastern Indonesia

Date: 20 October, 2012

Venue: Room 301, Shohukan, Omiya Campus, Ryukoku University 


On October 20, Prof. Eriko Aoki of Ryukoku University presented her field research outcome on migration and religion in Flores Island of Indonesia. Prof. Aoki explained that in a village where she visited the local religion and Catholic are coexisting without conflict, and their rituals are often practiced together in a mixed way. Also, the local religion and rituals are important part of everyday life even for those migrated from the village. For instance, migrants outside of the village often ask the religious leader to send a spell of protection or healing through cell phone. They also make a video of them dance for a good harvest at church and send it to the village while the villagers do the same. Migration from the village, therefore, does not mean a disconnection from the local religion and social relationship but they stay as a part of migrants. This tells us that the boundaries of cultures and religions are not as clear as social scientists often expect, but they are in reality intersecting and overlapping, Prof. Aoki concluded.