Project Summary and Overview

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This project aims at criticizing the traditional narrative of governance for its top-down perspective, and strives to construct governance theories from below with an analysis of micro-level rules and norms on the basis of locally accumulated knowledge. It also attempts to propose policies of governance with this new theory.

  • 1.Political Economy
  • 2.Language Policy
  • 3.Civil Society

This project adopts a methodology applying the three different but inter-related research areas of political economy, language policy and civil society to the analysis of governance.
Political economy is needless to say a research area relating to top-down governance in the traditional sense ranging from domestic political order to diplomacy and international relations.
Language policy is a research area directly related to communication among parties involved in order formation. It is assumed here that language education and public language policies influence the subjectivity of the parties, thus its effect in the process of order creation is indispensable.
Civil society is, unlike political economy and language policy, a research area, which focuses on a space in which interactions among people take place. This is also an area where governance from below is formulated on the basis of everyday communications and interactions without the influence of public policies.
What distinguishes the Afrasian Research Centre from similar research institutions is its integrated research organization of three different disciplines that are usually thought to be disconnected.