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Global Affairs Research Center

Research Results

Studies on Multicultural Societies (Phase 3)

No.37 (2019)
M. Aulia Rachman, Socializing the Islamic World and the International Society: Adoption of Muslim Minority Issues in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
No.36 (2018)
Thi Bich Tran, Personalising the Philippines’ China Policy: Where Individuals Matter
No.35 (2018)
Chin-Kuei Tsui, Framing the American-led World Order: President Obama’s Pivot to Asia Policy and the Belief of American Exceptionalism
No.34 (2017)
William S. Bradley, Empire Melancholia
No.33 (2016)
Junya Takiguchi, The Projection of Stalinism at the Comintern Congress in the 1930s
No.32 (2016)
Kosuke Shimizu, Why There is no non-Western IR Theory in Japan?: Genealogy of Japan’s Cultural IR, and the Study of Regional History
No.31 (2015)
Kosuke Shimizu, Reading Kyoto School Philosophy as a Non-western Discourse: Contingency, Nothingness, and the Public