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Other Activities

Afrasian Centre, Ryukoku University & Leiden University, Special Joint Seminar

Other Activities

The First Special Joint Seminar with Afrasian Research Centre, Leiden University, Graduate School of Intercultural Communication (Prof. Shimizu's Graduate School Seminar) Ryukoku University and JSPS Research Fund(15H01855)


Afrasian Centre, Ryukoku University and Leiden University,

Special Joint Seminar (World TV Conference) 


Why is There no non-Western IR Theory in Japan?:

Genealogy of Japanese IR, and the Study of Regional History


Presenter: Dr. Kosuke Shimizu (Ryukoku University)

Commentator: Dr. Ching-Chang Chen (Ryukoku University)


Date: 7 March, 2015

Venue: Multilingual Studio,

Wagenkan Building, 1F,

Fukakusa Campus, Ryukoku University


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