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Phase2 The First Afrasian International Symposium “Asian International Relations and Peace in Korea ”

24 November 2011
Building 8, Room 102 & 103, Seta Campus, Ryukoku University
Chung-Won SUH, Jong-Chol PARK, Intaek HAN, Young-Seog KIM,
Sachio NAKATO, Ching-Chang CHEN, Kosuke SHIMIZU, O-Jung KWON, William BRADLEY, Koichi YAWATA, Shiro SATO


The Afrasian Research Centre held the First Afrasian International Symposium, entitled “Asian International Relations and Peace in Korea”, on 24 November 2011 at Building 8, Room 102 &103, Seta Campus of Ryukoku University. We focused on the issues related to the achievement of peace in Korean Peninsula and the critical engagement with International Relations theories form the Asian Perspective. It was really lucky with the weather. We had an audience of more than 700. The Symposium became a valuable opportunity for the audience as well as members of the Research Centre interested in the issue. 
Keynote Speech: “Positive Proposal for Peace Process in Korea”
Session 1:  Peace Process in Korea
Session 2:  East-Asian International Relations 
Photos of the First Afrasian International Symposium.